Top 3 bilingual outsourcing services your business needs

Bilingual outsourcing services play a crucial role in increasing the global competitiveness of growing businesses. A bilingual call center, for instance, can help firms expand their customer base by being able to penetrate emerging markets, which often have diverse characteristics.

When we talk about bilingual customer service, the first thing that may come to mind is phone-based customer transactions. Indeed, phone calls remain the most prevalent method of reaching out to customers especially when they encounter complicated issues. No one can deny their importance in providing personalized, one-on-one assistance to customers.

Aside from phone calls, however, every business that seeks global relevance must actively provide other types of business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Here are the top three bilingual services that every growing business needs.


1.     Multichannel customer service


Nowadays, customers expect an omnichannel presence from global brands. If you want to attract more customers, you must go beyond phone customer service and also invest in web- and mobile-based outsourcing services. Providing assistance through email, SMS, and live chat will make everything easier and faster for your customers. This way, you can cater to your customers’ varying preferences and satisfy their needs in the most convenient way possible.


2.     Content moderation


Online content is now an integral part of any organization’s marketing efforts, especially in this modern era where consumers turn to the Internet to research about brands and their products. There’s a great need for global businesses to maintain a spotless online reputation in social media sites and blogs, and therefore, content moderation is becoming a necessity.

Monitoring the feedback of your customers who come from different parts of the world is difficult if you’re not speaking their language. Therefore, your content moderation team should be composed of agents who can proficiently write and speak in your market’s language. In this area, providers of bilingual BPO services can help you.


3.     Technical support


It’s hard to promote understanding between brands and their customers if they’re not speaking the same language. Confusion can escalate even more when you’re dealing with highly technical information. To prevent such a scenario from destroying you and your clients’ relationship, it’s better to outsource to a bilingual call center that offers technical support. This will help you minimize any misunderstanding and make customer transactions smoother.


If you’re planning to expand your global market even further, companies that provide bilingual outsourcing services can help you achieve your goals. The Philippines, which is consistently considered a frontrunner in the outsourcing industry, is a great place to look for bilingual, or even multilingual, call centers.



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