The 3 key moments that make customer experience complete

Consistency is key in every transaction that bilingual call center agents handle. Since they face all kinds of customers from different corners of the world, they must shift their approach to fit varying demands without compromising customer service quality. But as each person has unique needs and contrasting preferences for receiving assistance, delivering consistent customer experience can be quite a challenge.

How clients define satisfaction is usually a top consideration to companies when devising a customer experience strategy. But before delving deeper into that, you must first identify three crucial moments in every transaction that ultimately make it complete. If you ace all stages, you’ll leave a lasting impression. Lag in any of these parts, and you’ll blow the whole deal.

What are those moments, and how can you handle them with utmost excellence? Customer relationship management expert Jeff Toister labeled them as the following.


1.     The welcome


The opening “hello” can determine the course of a whole conversation. Open to a good start, and the subpar moments that may follow can be masked by the welcome that left a greater impact on customers. Conversely, an off welcome can make the customer magnify even the slightest mishap that follows.

This is why making a good first impression is crucial in every call center. However, a great welcome can be hard to achieve if the customer is in an unpleasant mood before the call, especially if it’s because of your long hold time or complicated call menu. If this is the case, try to turn the situation around by going beyond the average welcome. Counter the frustration by welcoming irate customers with something that could appease the disappointment.


2.     The peak


This is the point where you deliver the customers’ needs to satisfy them. The transaction reaches its peak when you are able to provide an effective solution or even exceed the expected level of service.

Not every peak, however, is a positive one. Failing to give the right answers or worsening the customers’ problem by mishandling their case can cause them to register neglect as your service’s peak.


3.     The farewell


First impressions are important, but parting remarks should be similarly lasting. Since this is the final moment before a call ends, the farewell may just be what customers will mostly remember in their conversation with your brand representative.

The last step of the journey should therefore be a pleasant one, as this can influence the customer to come back, take your survey, endorse you to others, or even write a positive review about your brand. But if the closing moment is unfavorable, like ending the call without resolving issues, you’ll likely get a bad review or worse, make a customer leave you for good.


Great customer experience may mean different things to different people. But regardless of how a person wants to receive assistance, you should focus on these three crucial points to deliver consistently excellent customer service in every transaction no matter who you serve.



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