Prepping your bilingual call center for the holiday rush


The holidays is both an exciting and a demanding season for bilingual call centers in the Philippines. It’s exciting because of the festive atmosphere and great presents that come along everyone’s way. But it’s challenging at the same time because of the doubled and varied demands from customers calling in from all over the world.

Tech support agents, in particular, will receive lots of service requests, especially now that consumer electronics are what many people wish for the most. Users and gift givers alike will need assistance with their new gadgets, so make sure that your outsourced team is prepared for the influx of confused customers.

Separate and sort


Receiving all calls using one channel can slow you down, so categorize requests according to difficulty level and assign them to the appropriate teams. For this, it would be ideal to have separate numbers for different types of calls. Have a line dedicated to customer concerns that require complicated troubleshooting, and another number for callers with small inquiries.

Classifying problems also helps in gauging the urgency of a case so that the right agent can be assigned to a concern that is within his field of expertise. This way, specialists won’t end up wasting their time fixing minor issues while there are people with heavier matters waiting to be served.


Provide self-service options not just to lower call volumes, but also to empower your customers to solve problems on their own. They are less likely to need assistance if they have access to readily-available resources like your website’s FAQ page, live chat platform, or email. Bonus tip: highlight topics that people would most likely ask during the holidays to lessen search time.

There are many other ways to improve your customer support services during the Christmas season, and among those is cheering your team. Keep everyone’s spirit high and the atmosphere positive by showering them with rightful incentives and encouraging words.



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