4 Benefits of boosting employee engagement in a call center

Managing a contact center can be quite difficult, especially when we consider that it’s an organization plagued by high attrition rates. Of course, leaders are doing their best to keep their outstanding talents in the company and keep delivering commendable kind customer support. Still, many of them forget that focusing on their employees’ well-being is the only surefire way to achieve their goals and deliver high-quality services. Read more

5 Tips for conducting an online consumer research

Consumer research is a key component of a strong customer support strategy. It’s especially important for those who are unfamiliar with the culture and characteristics of their target demographic. Often, this happens when brands are aiming to capture foreign markets. However, once they do gain an idea of their customers’ preferences, they can share their findings with the bilingual call center that delivers their customer service. Read more

How to interview prospective bilingual call center agents

Building a multilingual workforce will allow you to connect with the international market. If your goal is to embrace multiple consumer sectors at once, the way forward would be through your bilingual employees. This is why, across industries, these professionals are among the most sought after. They bridge communication gaps between brands and their target consumers, as they are familiar not only with the language the customers speak but also with their cultural practices. Read more