Why outsourcing bilingual support is a must for your expanding business

If your business is planning to expand to new territories, successful business growth requires more than just opening a branch of your business in a new location and waiting for customers to instantly flock to your store.

In order to fully establish a strong foothold in a new market, you must connect with your prospective customers in their own language. Aside from launching compelling promos and membership-based discounts, what your expanding business needs to do in order to successfully widen your customer base is to outsource bilingual customer support.

Answering to the call of diversity


Expanding businesses have a high demand for excellent customer service. This becomes a pressing need, especially since barriers set by language restrictions can exist between you and your customers. Providing assistance in your customers’ language of preference can, after all, make your transition a smooth one by winning your customers’ loyalty through increased customer satisfaction.

Once your customer base becomes diverse in terms of language needs, you need to look for ways to step up to the challenge. In United States alone, a company may have a diverse customer base even if it doesn’t expand to a new city or state because of the country’s organically varied population. What more if a company decides to branch out to a new, unexplored location?

True, your products and services may have the best quality compared to your competition. But if a non-English speaking customer tries to reach out to you to voice out some concerns, only to be disappointed by the absence of bilingual call center agents, your brand marketing strategies will be rendered useless. Worse, your valued customers might turn to other competing brands that can talk to them in their native tongue.

Nevertheless, cultural diversity should never be your enemy. Rather, it should motivate you to think of strategies on how to make you a winner in customer service.


Why bilingual call center outsourcing is the answer


The need to go bilingual can never be emphasized more. The best way to make your customer service globally competitive is by outsourcing bilingual call center solutions to an offshore provider. This holds true even for companies that haven’t expanded to new locations but currently have diverse customer bases.

By partnering with a bilingual call center in the Philippines, you can cut down on operations and labor costs. Your outsourcing partner can gather the necessary resources, including technologies and facilities, for you. The customer service or technical support processes are also subjected to quality assurance methods to make sure their execution is effectively done by your outsourced team.

More importantly, your offshore bilingual call center can gather the needed workforce for your voice and non-voice services. With the Philippines being a multinational hub, many native speakers of foreign languages work as bilingual call center representatives. There, native speakers are usually prioritized during agent recruitment. Language and cultural proficiency are also ensured by Philippine bilingual call centers by providing continuous training

With all of these strategies in place, bilingual call centers are your best partners in providing your business with a customer service that can meet the highest international standards. By outsourcing to a bilingual call center in the Philippines, you can create stronger communication channels between you and your existing and prospective non-English speaking customers.



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