Improving the customer experience with self-service

When your products or services falter at the worst moment, customers are quick to contact customer support. Sometimes, they just want to have their request tended to immediately. During these instances, they can’t be bothered to be put on hold or to wait for a follow-up call. So why not give them the choice to do self-service?

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Customer self-service offers your clients the ability to resolve their issues on their own. It sounds counterintuitive if your goal is to deliver a memorable customer experience, but self-service gives customers the answers they need without having to contact a call center agent. Some modes of self-service include self-help videos and online portals containing information about your products and services.

Adding self-service to your multichannel support can be a great investment for your contact center. Here are some reasons why.


1.     It’s easy.

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Self-service platforms allow customers to access the solutions they need at their utmost convenience. That way, they don’t need to go through any interactive voice response systems or wait for an agent to pick up the phone. There’s no need for hold times, either. They just need to go to the platform, and they can do this wherever they are and whenever they want.


2.     It empowers customers.

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You can use self-service options to empower your customers. Through such channels, you can give them the right information and skills to resolve their problems on their own. Thus, when such issues occur again, they can fix it without training wheels.


3.     It decreases traffic in your other channels.

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By leading your customers to self-service channels, you’re decreasing the ticket volumes for your other support touchpoints such as the phone and email. When customers opt to take menial problems in their own hands, call center agents can deal with more pressing concerns. In fact, the growth of digital channels can lead to a 12% decrease in transactions in the voice channel.


4.     It’s less costly.

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In this list, this is probably the key takeaway for self-service. In contrast to the more ubiquitous customer support channels, self-service doesn’t require that much manpower and maintenance. By directing customers to a self-service channel, your contact center can save as much as $11 per call. This can save you up to millions a year.


Customer self-service shouldn’t be your contact center’s end-all solution for improving the customer experience. However, the customer service industry’s on a roll regarding the use of this channel, as it helps them deliver a “frictionless” experience for all customers. Maybe it’s time for you to consider having one.



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