How office culture affects a call center’s productivity

What are some of the factors you consider when selecting the right customer service provider? For sure, you scrutinize their technology, how many employees they have, or probably how long they’ve been in the industry. But do you usually ask your prospects whether their employees are happy?

If you don’t, try to make it a habit from now on as you choose new business partners. It’s no secret that corporate culture, which largely influences employees’ happiness, affects productivity.

Although it’s an abstract concept, corporate culture manifests as the collection of a company’s principles, values, and missions as well as the daily activities of its people: how they talk to one another and how they do their tasks.

When outsourcing to a bilingual call center, remember that it’s important to choose one that promotes work-life balance. Here’s why.

Happy agents stay with their company.


Over the past decades, attrition rates seem to be dwindling a little. Yet, the decrease isn’t that significant. Most call centers experience about 30%–45% attrition and turnover rates primarily because agents typically look for more exciting job opportunities as opposed to business process outsourcing (BPO) jobs, which are often repetitive.

That’s why contact center managers have to work extra hard to promote employee engagement and keep everyone happy. If you think your prospective call center holds back on this aspect, try checking their attrition rates. But to be safe, you better refer to the next candidate on your list.

Fun in the workplace inspires creativity.

Creativity is one of the most desirable traits that every employee must have. Sadly, many corporations are the ones behind its near extinction. Rules that are too strict may prevent employees from expressing their resourcefulness and creativity, which helps a lot in problem solving and decision making.

Productive agents = happy customers

If you want your customers to be happy, make sure your agents are happy too. There’s a good reason why most outsourcing companies prefer agents with upbeat personalities and lots of energy. Just imagine yourself talking to a bored-sounding agent on the phone and you’ll know why.

But at the same time, companies have the responsibility to give their people something to be ecstatic about. Making sure they have proper facilities, taking care of their well-being, and investing in skills development are just some of the many tactics to motivate agents.

Culture affects decision making.


The ideal decision making process is one that includes your employees, even to a minimal extent. This is harder to achieve in very large companies, but even smaller ones still fail to facilitate an open, participative approach in making decisions.

As a result, contact center agents often feel left out and uninvolved, which can cause bigger problems later on. They may underperform, lose their enthusiasm, and eventually leave the company.

For businesses looking for a bilingual call center, and everyone who plans to outsource some of their processes, it’s important to consider the culture of your prospective BPO companies. You may not think it matters at first but you’ll be regretting it when poor performance starts to damage your relationship with customers.



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