Where to find the best bilingual call center agents


Bilingual employees are valuable assets for companies that are aiming to go global and conquer new international markets. Employers even see bilingualism as a top skill that ideal applicants should possess in order to score a position, as this skill is the key to gaining a greater understanding of customers from other cultures and nationalities.

However, scouting bilingual professionals can be challenging, especially because they’re becoming in demand nowadays. Hiring competent ones will surely be rewarding, so take note of the following pointers to be able to find people who are qualified to handle your business frontline.


•     Outsource to a country with a rich pool of bilingual workforce


If a country has more than one official language, it’s likely teeming with linguistically gifted individuals. People who speak foreign languages in addition to their local dialects will find it easier to get familiarized with your customers’ language. Moreover, these language-skilled people are naturally exposed to bilingualism, so their accents and contextual understanding of their second tongue are better than those who have learned the language through training.


•     Tap language institutes


Tapping language schools is not only beneficial to your company but also to the institutes and their graduates. This is because partnering with them could give a higher guarantee of employment—those who attended your partner school can put their skills into good use if you hire them. And since you have a readily available source of skilled linguists, your organization could save costs for recruitment, training, and ad placements.


•     Seek out repatriates


Repatriates have a high chance of landing language-specific positions because of the expertise they gained from the country they used to work in. The Philippines, for instance, has an abundance of former overseas workers who have immersed themselves in foreign cultures and languages, so you instantly have a great advantage if you station your multilingual customer service operations there.


As multilingual employees enable businesses to expand their reach to foreign territories, they only prove their value as company assets. Hiring the right team, however, is only the start. Getting the most out of their skills requires constant training and giving them pleasant working conditions that will keep them happy about being part of your company and your visions.



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