Drive your employees to success with gamification

Many call center agents become disengaged in their work because of the industry’s high-stress environment. Some become unmotivated when they feel that the work becomes very monotonous. Then there are others who get disheartened because of bad compensation or their efforts weren’t recognized much.

These employee engagement issues, when left unchecked, can lead to employee attrition. And when your call center becomes a revolving door of employees, the quality of service you provide becomes at risk. These issues are what gamification attempts to solve.

Gamification, from the word itself, is an employee engagement strategy that adds game-like elements to the call center system. It lets your employees see the goals that needed to be achieved and theoretically makes it more interesting because of the gamified elements. Gamification hopes to boost engagement by combining work and play. In other words, it tries to make work more fun.

The perks of gamification

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Gamification shines by fostering competition and collaboration. Through its various features, your call center agents can see who currently ranks best in the teams. This, in turn, ideally encourages your agents to do better, motivating them to get to be part of the leaderboards as well. In terms of collaboration, employees can ask each other about their own performance strategies. This lets your team share tips and tricks on how one can improve, creating an actively engaged workplace.

With this employee engagement strategy, there’s transparency as well. Your call center agents will be able to see their growth and real-time performance. They can gauge whether they’ve improved or they need improvement. Gamification empowers your workers to autonomously strive by showing them the results of their endeavors.

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Aside from these, gamification allows you to recognize your high-performing agents and those who strive to better their performance. Through its in-system rewards and leaderboards, it intrinsically motivates your employees to work harder. These digital badges can serve as their badge of honor, boosting employee morale and credibility in the call center. Through achieving goals, you can also give extrinsic rewards to your employees as well, such as bonuses or leaves.

When executed properly, gamification can motivate your call center agents to work harder—to push themselves to the limit—in order to achieve and go beyond the call center’s goals. Keep these benefits in mind when thinking of an employee engagement strategy for your contact center.



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