Change management tips to guide your outsourcing decisions

Making the decision to outsource your customer service to a bilingual call center would require a lot of adjustment from all organizations involved. In fact, much of the success of your outsourcing endeavors depends on how quickly you and your team can adapt to and evolve alongside with the upcoming organizational changes.


When outsourcing enters the scene, there will be modifications in your team’s job descriptions and work processes, and it may take a while before they get used to them.

Failure to adjust to work-related alterations can make all your business processes disorganized and inefficient. Since accepting and preparing for changes in the workplace sometimes do not happen smoothly, here are change management tips to help you and your partner company overcome the resulting internal conflicts.


1.     Explain why the change is needed.


Your team may become less resistant to company changes if they know why these revisions are necessary. Creating an urgency and emphasizing how the new outsourcing arrangements would benefit the entire organization and all its members will help them easily accept new policies. It is important to bring your team together so that you can explain the situation to them in detail. This way, they can also ask you questions and make further clarifications.


2.     Engage your team in the decision-making process.


As much as possible, managers must involve their team members in decision-making. They don’t need not make the decisions themselves (especially since executive officers are the ones who often hold this power), however, you can consult your team members during brainstorming activities or solicit their suggestions and ideas about how certain changes would affect their tasks.


3.     Maintain the momentum.


The principle behind change management is to make work transition easier for everyone. One way of keeping up the team’s momentum is by focusing on your project goals. Focus on how your outsourcing decisions would help you achieve your objectives, and this would gradually drive your employees forward.


4.     Celebrate the organization’s success.


In many ways, your decision to outsource to a bilingual call center represents one of your business’ successes. Celebrations should highlight this organizational milestone, as people who are appreciated will strive to do better and try harder. As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team’s effort is rewarded with recognition in order to motivate them and make them feel valuable.


Outsourcing can take your business farther than you can imagine, but it does require plenty of adjustments from every organization involved. If not planned carefully, ineffective change management would hamper your company’s potential for growth. Make sure to follow the tips enumerated above to make the most out of your outsourcing decisions.



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