Bilingual Call Center Philippines debuts corporate website

We, at Bilingual Call Center Philippines, are pleased to announce the launch of our official company website. Here, prospective clients can see a list of our offerings and contact us to discuss how our services can help your business grow. Feel free to browse the site to learn more about our Makati-based firm. Our website provides information about the different voice and non-voice services we offer, as well as our company overview to let you know how we started and managed to become a leader in bilingual call center outsourcing. Details about the different languages you can choose from can also be found here.

We aim to make the website a source for outsourcing matters, so the Bilingual Call Center Philippines Blog promises to be a dedicated section where latest news and trends related to call center outsourcing will be featured. We will also publish blog entries on call center management in the coming months.


At present, we offer outsourced services in over a dozen languages that are widely used in both Western and Eastern countries. These include German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa, and Farsi. Our bilingual call center agents are mostly native speakers of these languages.

After founding our then telemarketing company in 2006, we transferred operations from San Carlos, California to Makati City, Philippines and decided to concentrate on being a customer service provider. Since then, our firm has become a topnotch vendor in the Southeast Asian region.

Bilingual Call Center Philippines, as a brand, takes pride in the quality of services it offers. Guaranteed to meet the highest international standards, the customer service and technical support solutions our brand provides are constantly improved with the use of time-tested quality assurance methods.

Be it through phone, live chat, or e-mail, your international business can now offer your diverse customer base excellent support with the help of Bilingual Call Center Philippines.

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