Why it’s best to outsource bilingual support to the Philippines

When customers reach out to your company, they would always want to interact with customer service representatives in their native tongue. It’s because inquiring about a product, raising issues, or placing orders are always convenient if done in their preferred language. If you cannot provide this kind of customer support to your customers, the language barrier can prevent them from communicating with you again.


This is why several international businesses choose to outsource bilingual support services to low-cost regions such as the Philippines. By taking their customers’ language needs into consideration, companies get to reinforce customer satisfaction and loyalty. There are many reasons why the Philippines remains to be one of the most preferred outsourcing destination for bilingual call center services. Here are some of them:

Strategic location

The geographical location of the Philippines is oftentimes perceived as strategic and advantageous by European and North American companies that are planning to outsource. Bilingual call centers in the Philippines can manage the time zone differences and allow agents to go on shifting schedules. This enables them to deliver 24/7 call center services to almost any part of the globe. Having lower wage rates and cost of living than the West, outsourcing to the Philippines also enables businesses to have the best call center technologies and processes at a very affordable rate.

Strong workforce

Bilingual call centers in the Philippines have strict recruitment and training procedures. Most call center agents are college graduates since a college degree is generally considered a prerequisite to having a good career. Most Filipino agents are also very proficient in English, their second official language. They are not only fluent in speaking the language; they also have a neutral accent that is preferred by Western outsourcing clients. Since the Philippines is a multicultural hub, it’s not hard to find agents who are native speakers of different foreign languages. Locals also have easy access to language learning centers and institutions where they can take foreign language courses.

Cultural flexibility


Filipinos are widely known for showing cultural compatibility and sensitivity to almost any foreign culture. The Filipino hospitality fuels the exceptional customer service skills of call center agents in the country. Moreover, call centers take measures like culture and language training to make sure their agents understand the cultural context of customer concerns.

Cultural knowledge is also a standard used during agent recruitment. All these measures are taken to make sure there’s a smooth and effective interaction between agents and customers.

Finding an outsourcing firm that can provide topnotch bilingual call center services is a must for every international business that has a vast and diverse customer base. At present, many Philippine call centers can provide different outsourcing solutions, such as customer service and technical support, in any foreign language. By connecting to customers using the language that they speak, your business can easily grow your customer base and expand to new locations.



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