5 Ways to reduce your contact center’s operating costs

More and more business owners are now realizing the unique value of bilingual business process outsourcing (BPO) services. For many enterprises serving a diverse market, having a team of bilingual agents is the key to communicating effectively with their customers. However, this doesn’t exempt these outsourcing companies from close cost scrutiny.

Reducing operating costs while maintaining the quality of customer service is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs nowadays. In many instances, cutting back on your contact center budget may result in performance drops. To resolve this, we compiled five tips below to reduce your costs without foregoing quality.


1.     E-learning and remote training


Modern cloud applications make call center trainings possible via desktop computers. Often, these sessions are carried out for a group of employees rather than for an individual. This maximizes the utility of training tools and standardizes the learning pace among the audience. This way, e-learning platforms provide their clients with a way to reduce training costs while enhancing agents’ digital literacy and familiarity with online tools.


2.     Managing salaries


Cost-cutting doesn’t have to equate to reducing your employees’ salaries. Ensuring that your agents receive the amount of money that they deserve for a job well done is also a good way to heighten employee engagement and reduce employee attrition. You can, however, also reduce salary allocations by checking for redundancies in your contact center.


3.     Unifying customer solutions


Merging BPO services into a single platform makes it easier to identify the source of problems so they can be fixed more quickly. Also, the IT staff wouldn’t need to integrate several different applications, which can be time-consuming. Maintenance costs would also be reduced because services are delivered using a single portal.


4.     Optimizing workforce management


A workforce management (WFM) solution can help you cut operating costs by eliminating administrative errors, increasing employee productivity, and making accurate projections regarding short-term and long-term ROIs. With a WFM tool in place, managers can easily track their contact center even from a distance. You can monitor staffing changes, employee schedules, budgeting, and forecasts, which are all necessary for efficient management.


5.     Lowering attrition


For outsourcing companies, overcome employee attrition is an ongoing process. From the financial perspective, every resignation corresponds to profit losses mainly due to decreased productivity and additional training costs. This is why managers need to implement new ways to engage employees, especially in multi-cultural settings such as in bilingual call centers.


Reducing operating costs is the biggest challenge for many business owners and contact centers. But in an age that capitalizes more and more on high-quality service, make sure that you’re not sacrificing quality to reduce costs. Doing so can result in bigger profit losses over time. Rather, you should opt for a management approach that allows you to oversee staffing, software solutions, and training procedures in a balanced manner.



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