5 Tactics to drive your call center’s employee engagement initiatives

Recall that for the customer service industry, employee turnover is a recurring problem. To solve this, companies look towards employee engagement. Remember that this buzzword of sorts pertains to an employee’s commitment in achieving the company’s goals. Ideally, it drives your bilingual call center’s productivity and ensures success. But that is if it’s done right.

If you’re thinking of boosting your customer support team’s engagement, here are several tactics you can use.

1.     Open communication with your employees

customer service group in meeting listening to call center team leader

Let your employees’ opinions be heard. Gauge your employees’ feelings through surveys or open forums. Your call center agents face the customers every day; they have insights on what can be done better. They also have an idea whether the required service levels are unrealistic and too much for the employees to achieve. Show them that you listen by acting on everyone’s suggestions and opinions.


2.     Recognize your employees’ efforts.

call center team clapping applauding customer support agent

It’s also important that your customer support personnel know that their efforts are worth it. Recognize their actions and innovations by directly talking to them and showing them how valuable they are to the team. You can also give them incentives, such as a work-from-home day or extra vacation leaves, or through bonuses, though giving too much can be bad for their productivity.


3.     Empower your employees

customer service training specialist teaching call center agents

Be sure that you back your employees for them to achieve success. Empower them by:

•     equipping them with the skills and resources in order to complete tasks;
•     giving them enough autonomy to go above and beyond their standard set of responsibilities;
•     giving them the drive and motivation through work hard for your call center’s goals; and
•     show them their growth and performance. This can be done by presenting to them a viable career path that they can aspire to take.


4.     Let your employees relax

customer support agents doing selfie with tablet in call center office

The call center industry is known for its high-stress environment. Your agents face dozens of customers with varying emotional states. Give your workforce a chance to let their hair down. Let them relax, and offer after-office events and team-building activities that allow them to enjoy every once in a while.


5.     Consider gamifying your call center

customer service team in a meeting

Gamification is quickly becoming a great way to combat boredom in the workplace. It seeks to make work more fun by adding game elements to the call center’s processes. While the gamified elements allow for instant gratification for employees, this strategy doesn’t work for every employee. And as such, a careful and specific implementation is required for it to work its intended purpose.



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