5 Signs that you’ve chosen the right bilingual call center

Evaluating your prospective bilingual customer support providers and choosing the right one for your business is a difficult process. Even after you’ve chosen a worthy service vendor, you should still monitor their performance closely. Doing so would let you know if you partnered with the right provider.

Here are five signs that your customer service is being handled by a credible and trustworthy company.


1.     Fewer repeat calls

happy female call center agent looking up working with customer service reps

If you regularly ask for performance reports from your bilingual call center, pay attention to the number of transactions they handle. You can even ask for more specific details, such as the number of repeat callers who raise the same complaints.

A high-performing call center would be able to reduce the number of repeat complaints. This means that their agents are able to solve customers’ issues during their first transaction. While increasing customers’ happiness, this also leads to higher first call resolution rates.


2.     Increased customer satisfaction

excited woman making phone call

It’s hard to measure customer satisfaction unless you regularly conduct surveys and consumer research. However, one indicator that your customers are happy with your services is that they keep coming back for more purchases.

Call centers play a crucial role in keeping customers satisfied. Your employees’ performance directly reflects your brand’s competence and ability to take care of its customers. On the other hand, a poorly performing contact center can drive customers away from your brand.


3.     Positive customer reviews

smiling businessman holding floating balloon social media icons

Are your social media pages filled with positive reviews? Do customers commend you for great customer support services? Do they actively recommend your brand and products to their friends? If so, then it could be a sign that your bilingual call center is doing its job well. Delivering a positive and memorable customer experience will help you create a good brand image.


4.     More sales and leads

customer support reps looking at laptops with call center manager

If you’re getting queries from new potential customers and your sales are increasing, it may be because your customer service provider is doing a great job.

Although your well-thought-out marketing strategies and impressive product development process may also take credit for increasing sales, your ability to create customer relationships rests upon your bilingual call center. Thus, it plays an important part in helping brands expand their market base.


5.     Low employee attrition

smiling call center agent in middle of busy customer service reps

Most call centers suffer from high attrition rates. Customer support reps usually leave their jobs because of too much stress and exhaustion. But if your current provider can keep its employees engaged, that’s a sign that you’ve partnered with the right one.


Happy employees can raise the quality of your services, helping you build lasting customer relationships.



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