5 Call center management tips for better schedule adherence

Employee attendance is a major factor that can affect the overall productivity of any contact center. Time is precious especially for contact centers where every minute is paid by outsourcing clients that are expecting solid performance from their offshore team. As such, call center managers want their call center agents to follow their set schedules.

Attendance issues can contribute to loss of revenues, overworked staff, and substandard work. If you don’t want to experience these problems, you need to make sure that your agents follow their schedules and show up for work on time. Here are some call center management tips on how you can improve the schedule adherence in your contact center:


1.     Explain why schedule adherence matters


Make your agents understand the significance of meeting employee attendance goals to the team. Some agents may not realize how the overall productivity can be affected by a single person’s tardiness or absence. Allot time to discuss how responsibilities are passed on to teammates or how call queues become unbearable when some agents are not around.


2.     Become a role model to your agents


You can never convince your agents to value schedule adherence if you are not a good example to them. Make sure that all employees, including supervisors, team leaders, and trainers, report to work on time. Policies on tardiness and absences must be applied consistently to all members of the workforce.


3.     Make use of automated timekeeping systems


Gone are the days when recording of attendance must be manually done by supervisors or team leaders. To avoid human errors, you can install devices, such as biometric timekeeping systems, that can capture log in and log out times of your call center agents. Agents must be able to access their daily time records and raise dispute when there are errors found in the recording of data.


4.     Include schedule adherence in agent evaluation


Since attendance compliance can affect the service level of your team, it’s therefore important to consider it as a performance criterion when conducting agent evaluation. Agents who have formed a habit of coming to work late, incurring excessive absences, or exceeding break times must be reprimanded accordingly. Coaching sessions can be done to properly identify the causes of poor attendance and formulate an action plan on how to eliminate them.


5.     Incentivize agents with good attendance record


Maintaining a perfect attendance and reporting to work on time are signs of hard work and dedication. Hence, call center management teams must acknowledge these behaviors in order to motivate your outsourced people to keep up the good work. Rewarding agents with exemplary schedule adherence can also influence the rest of the team to manifest the same characteristic.


Ensuring that your outsourcing partner’s production floor always has enough number of agents during operation hours can be a challenging task. With the right people management approach and the implementation of the measures above, you can avoid having poor call center schedule adherence and attain greater productivity.



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