4 Science-based reasons to hire bilingual call center agents

Bilingual careers are mushrooming across industries in hopes of bridging globalization gaps, especially in the context of outsourcing. You probably already know that employing bilingual call center agents is a great way to personalize your brand’s customer service. Beyond this, have you ever wondered about what other qualities bilingual agents bring to the table?

Some of these pieces of information may surprise you, and they’re all backed by science. Here are four reasons to hire bilingual agents for your business’ customer service.


1.     Bilingual agents can make use of information in various ways.


Agents rely on one main thing to resolve customers’ concerns: information. But good information recall is not the only ingredient that would determine the outcome of a customer service call. Agents must also be adept at inter-connecting details and in applying relevant information across different situations.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) states that bilinguals do this best. They can use information in various ways, which then leads to quicker problem resolution.


2.     Studies show that bilinguals are innovative problem solvers.


It’s not exactly clear how and why bilingualism is related to problem solving skills, but the ASHA highlights the link between the two. Thus, if bilinguals are placed in a problem solving-centered task such as in customer service, you can expect them to solve issues quickly. They’re more likely to come up with unique ways to solve a client’s concerns, further enhancing your customers’ experience of your brand.


3.     Naturally, bilinguals have developed accurate listening skills.


Accurate listening is a must for over-the-phone communication, and this is indeed a common challenge for most agents. For bilingual call center agents, however, this skill comes naturally.

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) cites that bilinguals are generally more sensitive to language, and this sharpens their ear for distinguishing foreign terms. For contact centers, this lowers the chance of miscommunication during a call.


4.     Bilinguals can easily connect with others.


Learning a second language opens the door to a different culture. According to CAL, this makes bilinguals more personable. As such, they can easily relate to other people and are more understanding of others’ backgrounds. This makes them more emotionally intelligent, which is a special advantage for bilingual careers.


Outsourcing to a bilingual call center can be a tough choice to make. Once you make the decision, however, you stand to gain quality service coupled with the unique skills of bilingual agents. Doing so implicates optimum results for your entire business.



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