4 Benefits of boosting employee engagement in a call center

Managing a contact center can be quite difficult, especially when we consider that it’s an organization plagued by high attrition rates. Of course, leaders are doing their best to keep their outstanding talents in the company and keep delivering commendable kind customer support. Still, many of them forget that focusing on their employees’ well-being is the only surefire way to achieve their goals and deliver high-quality services.

This is also why employee engagement became a popular term not just among call centers but across industries as well. Broadly speaking, it refers to the “emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” Engaged employees truly care about the work they do and the company they’re working for. This means that they don’t show up for work merely to earn money. Instead, they’re there to actively and consciously help a firm achieve its goals.

From this definition, we can say that focusing on employees’ happiness is perhaps the solution to a range of problems all customer support providers experience, such as:

•     low productivity
•     high turnover rates
•     poor work quality

Here are the top four benefits of motivating your employees and boosting their work engagement.


1.     Increase customer satisfaction.

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Only happy employees can make customers happy, and this is particularly true for support providers. Mostly because they don’t understand just how valuable they are, disengaged agents tend to slack off. Thus, they would find it difficult to focus on the customer and resolve their issues. On the other hand, when employees feel that they’re an important part of the organization, they tend to perform better and even exceed customers’ expectations. This can increase customer satisfaction and allow you to build meaningful relationships with your clientele, boost sales, and nurture market loyalty.


2.     Enhance the customer experience.

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When your agents don’t care about your call center, the brands you represent, and your customers, they won’t exert the necessary effort to perform well. Worse, customers would be able to detect when an agent sounds bored and uncaring. This can seriously ruin customer interactions.

In contrast, agents who know how crucial their roles are will go to great lengths to provide customers the assistance they deserve. This can help you deliver memorable experiences to your customers.


3.     Minimize recruitment spending.

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Scouting for qualified candidates and training them can be quite costly for call centers. That’s why, as much as possible, companies must strive to keep their current employees working for them. To do this, you need to focus on enhancing your organizational culture and building an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration. This can help you boost employee engagement and retention, thus allowing you to reduce recruitment-related expenses.


4.     Build a competent organization.

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There’s a strong link between good organizational performance and staff engagement. According to Dale Carnegie Training, companies with engaged employees outperform others by up to 202%. Therefore, managers that continuously work on boosting people’s morale and empowering their employees are poised to build a successful, high-performing organization.



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