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About The Bilingual Call Center in The Philippines

Bilingual Call Center in The Philippines responds to the increasing demand for globally competitive outsourcing services by tapping the potential of the Filipino and expatriate workforce. With the goal of delivering the highest quality of voice and non-voice business solutions to its global clientele, the company has successfully transcended borders with services that can meet the highest international standards.

After being founded as a telemarketing company in 2006, the American-owned and –managed company decided to transfer its operations from San Carlos, California to the Philippines’ prime business district, Makati City. Since then, Bilingual Call Center of The Philippines has been committed to enabling its global clients to overcome their business challenges. With an understanding of the globalization-fueled business perspective, Bilingual Call Center of The Philippines’ services are designed to bridge distances across the world. Its roster of business solutions includes bilingual call center services that empower businesses to build a foothold in foreign markets while solidifying their connection with their existing diverse customer base.

With top-of-the-line outsourcing practices, highly proficient workforce, and experienced management team, Bilingual Call Center of The Philippines promises to give its clients only the best customer support solutions in their language of preference. The bilingual call center services offered by the company remain to be unparalleled because of the unique quality assurance methods used in making sure that the clients’ language needs are met.

By outsourcing to a bilingual call center in the Philippines, businesses around the world will not only benefit from the significant reduction of operational costs, but from the opportunity to focus on in-house operations as well.

Therefore, clients of the Bilingual Call Center of The Philippines can have more time to focus on crucial responsibilities, such as marketing and corporate planning, that can lead them to expanding to new markets while an expert team handles their customer support processes.